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Home office has been an integral part of the working world since 2020. Luckily, because it has many advantages : being flexible, saving costs and time. Finding the right place is often a challenge. The kitchen table, the bed or even the bathroom for important calls...

Our mission? We want to bring life and work into balance.

Auf dem Bild sind Materialen aus dem Entwicklungsprozess von Klappt. zu sehen. Skizzen, CAD-Zeichnungen und Holzproben liegen auf einem Tisch.

2021. Mark has been in lockdown with his wife and baby, like everyone, for months. They don't have a separate office in their Munich apartment and switch between all available rooms depending on the time of day and their schedule.

Stressed out from office hopping, Mark is looking for a solution. There are beautiful (folding) tables, but none that are sufficiently functional. Mark makes a plan, sketches, looks for materials in the hardware store around the corner, screws himself. In the summer of 2021, the first Klappt. prototype made it on Mark's bedroom wall.

His good friend Karo sees and hears about Mark's DIY project and wants to persuade him to build a table like this for her too. Because she has the same problem at home in Münster. The two realize that the problem also affects many other friends and colleagues, and there is huge interest in Mark's table.

Die beiden GründerInnen Mark und Karo stehen an einem geöffneten, weißen Klappt. und lachen sich gegenseitig an.

The prototype is literally taken apart over time and continuously optimized. A local joinery comes into play and the idea continues to take shape. Drawing after drawing is discussed, parts are built, materials are compared in endurance tests and experts are interviewed. In order to fulfill everything, while being space-saving, filigree, absolutely functional and stylish, every single part is now tailor-made . A result of clever ideas and manufactured individual parts.

An economist in real life, Mark is now an expert on airbrakes and has discovered a talent for truffle hunting, purchasing and acquisition.

With her expertise in product and brand management, Karo provides the overall overview and gives the brand its core.

" We are our own target group and we developed Klappt. absolutely according to our everyday needs in the home office . We have the solution that gives you space. It makes your everyday work absolutely functional and looks stylish at the same time."

You want to know which features Klappt. has? You can see the wall desk in detail in our photo gallery . Or look directly in our shop - you will find out what makes the Klappt. so functional and flexible. There you will find all relevant information & our entire range.

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