Delivery & Order

When will I get my Klappt. after order?

Every Klappt. is made by hand in our partner joinery in Germany, extensively tested and securely packaged for shipping. You can currently expect a delivery time of up to eight weeks after receiving your order. If we are faster, we will inform you immediately.

How is my Klappt. delivered?

By UPS courier. You will be informed in advance by e-mail about the shipment and receive a tracking number. You will receive your selected accessories in additional packages.
Your selected accessories will be delivered with DHL. 

Can I return the Klappt. it I don't like it?

After you receive your Klappt., you have the statutory 14-day right of withdrawal. Before returning the goods, you must contact us in advance by e-mail. All further information can be found in the terms and conditions and in the right of withdrawal .

How can I pay?

We offer you all common payment methods.

- Paypal

- Instant bank transfer

- Visa

- Mastercard

- American Express

- Google Pay

- Apple Pay

How do I redeem a discount code?

At the end of each order you have the opportunity to enter your discount code.


How do I hang up my Klappt.?

It couldn't be easier: drill 3 holes in the wall, screw on the rebate strip and hang the table on it. All you need is a standard cordless screwdriver (with drilling function). We automatically provide you with everything else in our assembly set: ruler, screws, dowels, a suitable attachment for your cordless screwdriver and a suitable drill, a spirit level that is integrated directly into the rebate strip as well as an assembly instructions, among other things, with information on how high you should hang up your Klappt. in order to have it positioned ergonomically for your height.

Where do I hang up my Klappt. ?

The table is mounted directly on the wall. It is 80cm wide and the height-adjustable version requires a (total) height of approx. 125cm. Without the height adjustment feature, it is 60 cm high. Thanks to the integrated lighting, you can easily work in dark corners. In addition
you can order the power cable in different lengths and are not tied to the location of a socket.

Is the klappt. also suitable for walls of old buildings?

Of course! All walls thick enough to fully accept our screws (cm) are suitable for hanging up the Klappt. 

How does the power supply work?

The electronics are completely built into the table - you only have to plug in the one plug. We have attached a flat plug, which is particularly space-saving. If you don't need electricity, you can simply unplug the cable from the bottom. remove and store in the table. You can choose between 3 cable lengths in our shop .


How big and how heavy is the Klappt. ?

The body has the dimensions H: 75cm; W: 80cm; D: 22cm. For the attachment you should note that the Klappt. takes on another 50 cm when fully raised. In the version without height adjustment, the body is 60 cm high. The worktop is 69cm deep and 80cm wide. The Klappt. weights approx. 35kg in the height-adjustable version. In the non-height-adjustable version, it weights approx. 28kg.

How many kg can I load the wall desk with?

You should load the open tabletop with a maximum of 30kg. We therefore recommend that you avoid supporting yourself with a lot of body weight. With all other "normal" work materials you can use your Klappt. load easily.

Up to what height can the Klappt. be ramped up to the maximum?

Klappt. is height-adjustable by 50 cm thanks to the electric motor. 
People with a height of around 2 meters can also switch between a sitting and standing position without getting into a bad posture. By the way, Klappt. only needs 18 seconds until it is fully booted.

The height adjustment works via 2 lifting columns, which are extended and retracted in parallel. Should your Klappt. be doing a mini-hop at the upper end it is quite normal, then the columns just tare themselves completely straight again. We also recommend that you do not use the two buttons excessively in the shortest possible time to avoid overheating in the engine (see next question).

Do I have to pay attention to something with the height adjustability?

The duty cycle of the height adjustability is 10% (=90% idle time) and a maximum of 2 minutes. We recommend that you let the Klappt. rest for 3 minutes after ramping it up. This prevents the motor from overheating.

How many power outlets and USB ports are there?

Every Klappt. is equipped with two sockets and one USB-A and one USB-C port. This means that the latest generation of charging cables can also be connected directly via the USB-C port.

Which LED lamp is used and how bright is the light?

The LED lighting shines in a subtle, warm-white tone (4,000K). The front lighting shines with 6,000K in a daylight white hue, so that the face is shadow-free and pleasantly illuminated during a video call. This makes it easy to be optimally illuminated even in the darkest corner.

What material is my Klappt. made of?

Klappt. is made of 19mm thick birch multiplex and comes from Finland and Slovenia. To make the Klappt. particularly durable, it is provided with melamine resin. The coating consists of layers of paper, which are impregnated with the resin and applied under heat and pressure (HPL coating). With that, your Klappt. has the best possible protection against moisture, scratches and other influences.

In addition, the table includes stainless steel parts and aluminum components.

The desk accessory is made of matt black powder-coated steel.

How can I clean the Klappt.?

Klappt. does not require any further care with expensive cleaning products. Water with a little washing-up liquid is sufficient to clean your workplace.


Welche Monitorgrößen passen in den Klappt.?

In den Klappt. passen alle Bildschirme in einer Größe bis zu 32 Zoll. Mit einer Tiefe bis zu 9cm lässt sich der Klappt. mit eingehängtem Monitor problemlos schließen.

Die Monitorhalterung ist easy montiert und ist kompatibel mit allen gängigen Monitoren (nach VESA Norm = Standard zur Befestigung von TV/Monitor-Halterungen).


What if something is defective?

Longevity is important to us. That is why we produce all parts in the highest quality and regularly check the standards. Should your Klappt. has a defect, just contact us at hallo@klpt.de . We will find a solution.

How can I reach you if I have questions?

You can send us an email to hallo@klpt.de at any time. we
We also welcome feedback and ideas or a simple hello.

Still missing answers? Write to us at hallo@klpt.de or use the form directly and we will be happy to help you.